Projects are undertaken by our Associates Globally.

1 – Online based Projects
2 – Offline based Projects
3 – Human Resources based Projects
4 – Information Technology based Projects
5 – Film Projects – India & Abroad
6 – Marketing & Sales Projects
7 – Affiliate Projects
8 – Travel & Tourism Projects
9 – Real Estate, Property Redevelopment Projects

Digital Marketing Consultant
Digital Marketing Consultant

Below is the checklist for companies for enhancing their online business presence for boosting their business.

1) – Does my company have listings in search engines?

2) – Is my company lacking attractive fan pages for attracting prospective customers?

3) Has my company implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to enhance my sales and boost salesforce

4) Is my company lacking targeted advertising campaigns for attracting new customers and loyalty programs for retaining my existing customers?

If your company lack any of these, find remedial measures for improving your business and gain confidence.

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Airline/ Airport
  • Boarding Pass
  • Meal Tray Branding
  • Boarding Ramp
  • Inflight Sampling
  • Theatre Advertisement
  • Slide Ad
  • Video Ad
  • LCD Display
  • Seat Branding

Media Verticals

Airline / Airport






Out Door



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